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Dedicated to entrepreneurs and intra-preneurs

Getting Started -----> What and How Much?

Discover what you need, put the plan together, tell the story, and build only what works


$300 - 500 Together, we ask the hard questions and drill down to what is actually needed to make your concept work. Using savvy, researched perspectives and analysis, we set defined next steps and critical areas to address and test in the market. You'll have an actionable gameplan to stop wondering and start creating.

Pitch + Plan

$1500 - $2000 Do you have a model, a mission, a defined plan to execute? A Pitch Deck, Financial projections, and an Executive Summary are included in this package. You'll have the tools needed to find investment if necessary, launch right away with a solid strategy if not, and articulate your vision and why you will be successful.

Build It

$TBD (only for efficient work) From-scratch or using what you already have, we build or modify only what's needed to accomplish the experience and function identified as a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in a Discovery or our meetings. We Keep it Agile, We Share Often, We Deliver.

Live Sessions and Actionable Strategy

$300 - $500

$300 - $500

Tools to Launch

$1500 - $2000

$1500 - $2000

Scalable Apps and Design

$ TBD - only what you need

$ TBD - only what you need
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John Helier - CTO & Founder of QuinMoto
"I came to Travis looking for help in the political arena for my company, Quin Moto. Did I hit the jackpot! In just a few conversations, we have been able to rapidly fine tune the direction of Quin Moto’s first software product, Congressional Noise. His political experience spanning local, state and national elections has been and will continue to be invaluable to Quin Moto. "

Miguel A. Diaz Martin - COO-Cofounder at QITLABS
"Travis advised my company throughout a successful launch and growth phase. He was a key advisor in strategic planning and developed structured plans for distribution, sales, marketing, and partnerships. His vast experience comes from a constant analysis and involvement in current trends, demonstrated by his role as a speaker at key industry events and throughout the larger tech world."

Randy Clark - Senior VP Marketing at Mercury Payment Systems
"Travis did a great job speaking with our CEO at RetailNow and with our VP Marketing at a number of trade events. He connects with the audience because he understands the issues intimately. More important than his speaking skills, Travis has been a great technical champion, change agent and thought leader for Mercury inside Lavu. He's the type of partner that you know you can call in a crunch or when you want to move fast on a market opportunity. He's got the good personal and partner EQ to make things happen."

Samantha Deal - Bain & Company
"I worked with Travis several months ago while doing research on the payments space. He was very knowledgeable about the industry-both from a business and technology perspective. He was engaging, professional, and worked to make sure my questions were fully answered to the best of his ability. Travis provided thoughtful, insightful commentary on trends he sees and showed himself to be a expert on the topics we discussed."

Solutions Delivered

Certified Improve Group Expert

As a Subject Matter Expert for Technology Strategy, I represent the Improve Group in diverse and dynamic projects. Matching efficient resources, migrating legacy systems and processes, and implementing creative new strategies, from scratch, to transform businesses. Providing high-grade, thorough tech and business consulting.

A Proud Co-Founder of the Agency International

The Agency focuses on rapid market development for the New Economy. We are a highly-vetted referral network: a collection of independent, talented, creative, and practical growth-hackers intent on providing real tools and executed solutions, not just ideas. We often source talent in Agency colleagues to assemble a customized launch or rapid-expansion package for your passion.

So, what do you want to accomplish?

What we can build together? What is your vision of success?

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